Monday, October 22, 2007
This is the Post That Never Ends . . .
Welcome to my new home! Due to blogger issues I cannot log into my former blog ( and so decided that once online again I would just start a new one. How do you like it? I got the template from and I messed with the background color and here it is!
So, first off, I want to shout out to the Stitch and Bitch gals back in San Antonio! I miss you guys (and the cake, but really, I miss you guys)! You are an awesome group of gals (and guys, Hi David!) and I hope that we can keep in touch through the wonder that is the internet.
For those of you who don't know, back in June of this year my hubby and I separated from the USAF and moved to Tampa, Fl. This has been a bumpy move to say the least (lawyers, foreclosure, and bills--oh my!) but we are doing a lot better now that we are a bit more settled. This is what our living room looked like when our furniture finally arrived:

Tons o' boxes

This is what I did during the first two months spent looking, begging and pleading for work:

The first thing I did though was find a knitting group. Thanks to Tampa Bay Knit and Crochet I met the lovely Kelly, Sandy and Robyn. They are an awesome group of ladies. We all get along really well and have hung out outside of the knitting group as well. We will be having a Halloween party! Thanks guys for keeping my chin up when the going gets rough (and thanks for the potato Sandy).

So on to the knitting. Right now I'm knitting the Swallowtail Shawl from IK in JoJoLand Melody and the horrible yellow sock. I liked this sock when it was still mystery yarn. Kelly gave it to me and I could tell that it was self-patterning. I took it and cast on, once I saw what the yarn would do in terms of it's pattern I pretty much gave up on it. I also hope to finish my Telemark sweater soon, you know, once I get over the fear of steeks (don't worry David, there will be before and after photos, you know, if I don't pass out first!)

Phew! I hope to post here much more than my previous blog. Take care, ya'll!

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