Monday, October 29, 2007
Ode to Ravelry
When I first heard about Ravelry I sniffed. Why, I had a knitting journal of my own and a quasi blog and a spreadsheet of the stash and needle collection, what would I need this for? Sandy signed me up anyway, she put me on the waiting list and since I wasn't all that jazzed in the first place the wait wasn't quite so bad.

Well I received my invite last Wednesday and have I thought about my poor blog since then?(well it was a combination of Ravelry and the new Sims Castaway game for my Wii, but I digress) Wow. Thanks Sandy. I should listen to you more. You and the rest of the Tampa Bay Chix with Stix. Ya'll were right.

You can find me over there under the tag Knittingeileen. Check out my projects and my stash and my groups and friends. Poor blog, this could be a while.

Interesting side note; the stash that I have posted is only about a third of the amount of the stash. I had so much stash and project photos that I have to wait because I used up my allotted MB on Flickr. Whoops!


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