Saturday, November 3, 2007
If You Want to Destroy my Sweater . . .
So there was this sweater. The EZ February Baby Sweater from Knitters Almanac to be exact. Well, I fell in love with it. So much so that the minute I had any spare cash I ordered the book and waited. And waited. And waited.

The post office here decided on the same day that it arrived that it was undeliverable and promptly sent it back to Amazon. After calling Amazon, they upgraded me to two day shipping. Well my two day shipping turned into five day shipping. Not cool. After many near frantic phone calls (did I mention my obsession with this sweater?) I opted that since clearly the USPS and UPS were incapable of delivering to my address that I would pick them up. Which I did. This is what the Hub bought me for being so distraught;

Book in hand, all other projects were put on the backburner for this sweater. Did I mention that I don't know anyone who is haveing a baby girl any time soon? I cast on immediately with Koigu Kersti. I love this yarn, but in my eagerness forgot my personal cardinal rule of knitting which is this; If a pattern has a pretty stitch, or a stitch that is the main focus, typically I will use a plain yarn to give the stitch a chance to shine. On the flip side of this, if the yarn is going to be the main focus (a yarn such as Koigu, for example) than the best bet would be to knit a plain pattern. So this is how the sweater looked before I ripped it out:

And this is the sweater now. I'm much more pleased with it overall since I can now see the pattern and I think I'm in love with this yarn. I'm using some Rowan Wool Cotton that I picked up forever ago and have been trying to figure out what to do with ever since.

I think the Koigu Kersti is destined for the Baby Surprise Jacket. Oh, didn't I mention that I also bought Knitting Workshop? Well I did.

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