Saturday, December 8, 2007
Christmas knitting is in full swing here at my house. It has been all Christmas present knitting all the time. Here is my list:

5 pairs of Felted Clogs
3 Somethings for my knitty group gals
2 Scarves
1 Beanie
1 Sweater for the hubster
Here is what I have done:

2 pairs of Felted Clogs (unfelted)
3 Somethings for my knitty group gals
2 Scarves

Not bad eh? On weeknights I average one Felted Clog a night and this weekend I will see if I can finish the rest. I like the pattern a lot, thank goodness, since I'm knitting so many of them. When I get bored, I come up with other ways to wear them, observe:

They also make wonderful hats! Do you like my "sassy face" in the top picture? And that is just the knitting to-do list. I'm also planning to sew two dresses and an apron. The reason behind this craziness is simple-- I'm broke but I have a lot of yarn. Since I can't really buy presents for anyone but my children, everyone will have to settle for the knitted gifts. Personally, I would prefer a knitted gift (really any knitting related gift for that matter) because of the time spent, but I think that is something that only knitters can understand.

As a final note I leave you with this photo, my son's hair had gotten so long that he couldn't see and this was my temporary solution to the problem. Do you think he likes it?

He is about to go all firestarter on me!
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