Thursday, May 15, 2008
Knitting Lesson
I've recently learned a new knitting lesson: Don't ever tell anyone that you are knitting something for them. If you do this, then you become OBLIGATED to knit it and then the knitting becomes no fun. Case in point, there have been a rash of babies at work and I made the mistake of telling people "Well I really must knit something then!" Since I only have a short time off from school left until I start the crazy 2 classes in 6 weeks I really want to be knitting stuff for ME, ME, ME!!!! Ah-hem.

Enter Sheldon. I've only ever knit one toy before, Knitty's Bubby for my son, and let's just say I did not enjoy it. They are so fiddley and I have to use my DPNs which I've pretty much shunned since I discovered socks on two circs. Then, once you have all the little pieces you have to sew them on and make sure they won't fall off. So why I felt compelled to commit to not one, but TWO knitted toys for babies is beyond me. Oy!

The next baby knit is the best baby sweater for a boy ever, I've got the details on ravelry and will post pics as soon as I have them. The garments I don't mind so much, but the toys are really getting to me. As soon as I finish them, I'll post pics, I know, I haven't posted any pics at all, but really, it is all I can do just to get them on ravelry.
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