Monday, May 5, 2008
So the beach yesterday was great. We got there, got parking right up close, it wasn't too crowded, we found a great spot and began to put our stuff down. Come to find out that the beach umbrella that I bought back in Texas is missing a piece-- specifically, the part that lodges in the sand and provides one with shade. So, okay, no big deal right, we have plenty of sunscreen, I've decided I'm going to put some on later (despite the fact that I haven't been in public in a bikini in about three years or so) and I proceed to have a lie down. I flip over, pretty judiciously I think, about every ten minutes or so. We spend about two hours there, the kids love it, they are playing in the water, we built an appropriate for Florida sand alligator replete with sea shell scales and hop in the car to go home. When I get out of the car, Hub says "Oh Wifey, your whole backside is all RED!" Well he wasn't kidding. Despite the numerous flips, my entire backside is as red as a can of Coke. Now I've been pretty lucky, I've had probably two or three times that I've been sunburned in my life, mostly on the shoulders and nose, but my whole backside? C'mon! So I've been too busy slathering on aloe to knit tonight, I promise there will be knitting content (and pictures) tomorrow. May you all be sunburn free this summer.

On an odd side note; did I imagine this, or was one taught in school to capitalize the names of the seasons? I've always capitalized them but this semester I've noticed that Word had begun to mark it as a grammatical error. Does anyone know the answer?
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  • At May 6, 2008 at 6:56 PM, Blogger RobynR said…

    Dude! I'm so sorry to hear about your burn. That sucks in an extremely large way :(

    Can't help you with the caps as we didn't learn grammar/spelling/proper punctuation in school. The principal was of the opinion that one day we'd all have secretaries and/or computers that would take care of that for us. *sigh* Thanks Sir!

  • At May 7, 2008 at 9:48 AM, Blogger Eva said…

    Bum burn -- OUCH! Good reminder for me to dig out the sun block.

    Regarding capitalization (I'm a bit of a grammar queen), you capitalize the seasons when they are used as direct adjectives. Examples: "I'll see you over Spring break, which comes during Spring semester. I'll see you in spring." Hope that helps.

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